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We are a dynamic community dedicated to driving positive change across Africa and the Global South. Our journey is rooted in a vision of regeneration, innovation, and inclusivity.

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we stand together for a better africa and the global south

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Our Mission

Our mission is our guiding light. It encapsulates our commitment to fostering sustainable development, preserving cultural heritage, conserving the environment, and promoting holistic growth. We strive to empower individuals, enterprises, and communities to become compassionate, creative, and socially responsible citizens.

Our Approach

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to regeneration. We understand that true change transcends singular efforts. We create innovative solutions that address complex societal challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration, research synergy, and inclusive partnerships.

Our Story

At Re-gene Afrika, our story is one of purpose and passion. Founded by visionary individuals from diverse backgrounds, our organization emerged with a singular mission: to empower communities, inspire innovation, and create a lasting impact on society.

Our Impact

Our work has far-reaching implications. Explore the projects, initiatives, and partnerships that have shaped our journey and made a tangible difference in the lives of many.

The Re-Gene Team

Leading Members
Re-gene Afrika has a dedicated team of experts, researchers, volunteers, and partners drives our success. Get to know the faces and voices that make Re-gene Afrika a dynamic and impactful organization.
Dr. Anselm Adodo, co-founder, Re-gene Afrkia

Dr. Anselm Adodo (OSB)

Anselm Adodo, a devout adherent of the Benedictine order within the Catholic Church, received his ordination as a priest in the year 1997
PROF RONNIE SAMANYANGA LESSEM, co-founder Re-gene Afrkia

Prof Ronniee Lessem

Prof. Ronnie Samanyanga Lessem is a visionary thinker originally from Zimbabwe and now based in the UK.
DR. Sandile Ndulungwane, co-founder, Re-gene Afrkia

DR. Sandile Ndulungwane

Dr. Sandile Ndlungwane is a distinguished governance expert with an impressive list of qualifications, including a PhD, MSc, B.Admin

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Be a part of our community and help us shape a brighter, more sustainable future. Whether you’re a volunteer, partner organization, donor, or researcher, there’s a place for you in the Re-gene Afrika family.

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