Re-Gene Now Unlocking the Future of Africa,
Grounded in Tradition

RE-GENE AFRIKA is now empowering Africathrough Integral Research
and societal Re-generation

Future Regene Afrika Student model Alternative University Models

RE-GENE AFRIKA's innovative university models redefine higher education. Explore sustainable, community-oriented approaches that foster holistic development and societal engagement

Empowering Africa's Future

Will You Join the Movement for Positive Change
and Transformation?

Our integral approach

Rooted in African Wisdom, our commitment to integrating indigenous African wisdom with global insights sets it apart. This unique approach not only acknowledges the importance of preserving cultural heritage but also leverages it as a foundation for holistic development.

Holistic Education

For Transformative Leaders, REGENE-AFRIKA’s pioneering integral education model is a standout feature. By nurturing leaders who possess compassion, creativity, and a strong sense of community, REGENE-AFRIKA is shaping a generation of change-makers.

Societal Regeneration

REGENE-AFRIKA’s holistic approach encompasses sustainable development, community engagement, and the creation of alternative university models. This comprehensive strategy addresses various facets of imbalances, ensuring a well-rounded impact on society.

Re-Gene Afrika in Africa

Re-Gene Afrkia - Nigeria

St. Benedict Monastery Ewu-Esan, Edo State

Re-gene South Africa

Re-Gene Afrkia - South Africa

4 Soutpansberg Drive, Oakdene, Johannesburg

Re-Gene Afrkia - Zimbabwe

Whitwell Road, Borrowdale, West Harare

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